2020 was a Year Full of Love

In 2020 we had some big plans. And of course, with the COVID-19 pandemic, our plans had to change.  We were not able to share the love in the ways we expected. We could not gather in person. But, like everyone, our community found ways to connect - email, phone, and Zoom became our mainstays. 

And we held space for one another and our vision of ending hunger by 2030. 

Over the course of 2020, we have been reaching out to many of our long-time investors to understand their perspectives on The Hunger Project-Canada’s (THPC) past, present, and future. The more we spoke to individuals we started to recognize patterns in the stories.

Our investors spoke of challenge, courageinnovation, and change.

One investor, Jim Vollet, shared his love of innovation and exploring the unknown. In his firsthand account of the beginning of THPC, he spoke of the importance of seeing hunger through the lens of social transformation. Back in the 1970s, social transformation happened with The Hunger Project leading the way. Canadians had to reckon with the understanding that hunger was part of their circle of influence. They were challenged to see the problem and themselves differently, they had the courage to begin, they worked with The Hunger Project to create new structures and new communities. They were rewarded with change. 

But the ultimate change - the end of hunger - has not come yet. We are working towards our goal of ending chronic, persistent hunger every day. Together.  

We challenge you to take stock as we head into the new year. The end of hunger is in
your circle of influence. What elements are in your circle of control? How can you create new structures? How can you build community? How can you share the love? How can you support the end of hunger?