Committed to Change

November 17, 2019

Commitment is the catalyst that brings dreams to life. Just ask Djiby Sow, Chairperson of the Environment Committee of the Fass Commune in Ndakhar Peul, Senegal. When Sow took his first literacy training with The Hunger Project - Senegal, he had a vision for his village. His dedication to improving himself through THP-Senegal training led him from being a health extension worker and volunteer with the Mpal epicenter to becoming a community leader and elected municipal councilor. Sow’s commitment to his vision has culminated in him securing funding from the Global Environment Fund to invest in reforestation, vegetable gardening, natural regeneration, supply of improved stoves, livestock production and more, transforming his community’s future.

Sow’s story though exemplary is more the model than the exception. It is the recognition that people are inherently exceptional, hard-working, visionary and entrepreneurial like Sow that has helped The Hunger Project transform communities the world over. Or more accurately, THP has given people in those communities the opportunity to transform themselves and be catalysts of change within their own communities in their journey toward thriving in self-reliance. This is the commitment that THP makes in its vision for achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger

This commitment comes in the form of a tried true methodology that has helped catalyze thousands of communities toward realizing their dreams of self-reliance. It starts with women, and helps men empower the women in their communities. Then it helps the community realize its own vision for its future. However, that journey begins with people developing themselves with the necessary skills to achieve transformation. 

Unleashing commitment in Canada

When we at The Hunger Project Canada look to catalyze Canadians as a step toward catalyzing projects in Senegal, we start by seeking to unleash the leadership potential in Canadian women. By providing a free workshop series, THPC seeks to encourage Canadian women to unleash the leader within them so that they can bring their vision into being. The Unleashed Women project will be a 5-week program of self-development and self-actualization that models the work THP does globally in transforming communities. Stepping into a lofty goal like sustainably ending world hunger by 2030 means stepping into an authentic and powerful self capable creating concrete results for communities.

As Sow’s journey of community transformation ably demonstrates, commitment to community starts with a commitment to yourself. It begins with learning and growing into a catalyst for change by investing your own development, and investing in your own dreams of a better world.

April Burrows, Country Director

April Burrows
Country Director
The Hunger Project Canada