End The Hunger: At the intersection of Art and Social Change

June 23, 2020


Art, in any medium, is essentially storytelling. But particularly when we’re creating art that we hope will create social change. We tell our stories, and another person begins to wonder, to become aware what is possible. It is collective wondering that makes social change thinkable, and then, achievable. 

Art can be defined in so many ways, but the definition we like the most is...

(a) how much the creator grows through their creative process of the product (a Buddhist belief) and 

(b) how much it influences the opinion of the viewer.

This is why we at The Hunger Project put emphasis on gathering the real stories of people around the world, like Mame Coumba Ndiaye from Senegal and Florencia Hernandez Rubio from Mexico. And this is also why we’re working on gathering investor stories right now. The stories we tell ourselves about what is possible in this world, and how change happens, really matter. 

Pam GerrandPamela Gerrand has created End the Hunger (LISTEN HERE) - a song inspired by, and in support of The Hunger Project Canada, which asks us all to share in the vision of a hungerless world. We hope you’ll listen and find that it…

  1. Reveals that you feel just as strongly about ending hunger as we do,
  2. Deepens your understanding of the experience of living in hunger and poverty,
  3. Creates community with the knowledge that people all over the world care about this as much as you do, and
  4. Motivates you to act - whether that’s investing in the change you want to see, volunteering, or spreading awareness. 

Change is a verb - and we cannot forget that. Create that piece of art. Share this blog. Inform your friends about the stats around hunger.