Follow With Us: Zero Waste Living

Through our work, we recognize ten principles as being fundamental to The Hunger Project and to ending hunger. We challenge ourselves to ensure that each of our strategies builds on these principles. One of these principles is sustainability. 

Solutions to ending hunger must be sustainable
locally, socially, economically and environmentally.

We challenge our investors to join us in living these principles. When it comes to sustainability there’s tons of ways for all of us to do our part. One of the trends we’re really inspired by is Zero Waste.  We know Zero Waste Living sounds like a serious challenge, but we’re here to remind you the goal doesn’t have to be perfection. Your waste production doesn’t have to be exactly zero. However, you can challenge the way you think about your current lifestyle and make small improvements. Check out some of our favourite follows on Instagram focused on the Zero Waste Lifestyle: 

Based in Toronto and with a slight focus on fast fashion. Check out Elizabeth’s feed for some serious inspiration! 

Zero Waste Cutie


Food is so, so important to us, of course. We love the idea of being mindful of the waste we bring into our kitchens and lives.

 Zero Waste Chef


We’re loving following this Waterloo-based zero waste grocery store lately. Especially their latest initiative, the Community Fridge - which allows members of the community to access food no questions asked.

Zero Waste Bulk


Based in Winnipeg, this is a sweet little store with sustainable and products that support zero waste living.

Zero Waste Mvmt


All about buying better to ultimately buy less.

Zero Waste Collective

Let us know what you think about Zero Waste Lifestyle and share with us your favourite follows for bringing sustainable practices into your everyday life.  DM us on Instagram.