Investor Encounters: Richard Ernst

April 3, 2019

THPC April Burrows & Richard Ernst

Richard is a Geologist specializing in an extreme type of volcanism that occurs, on average, every 20-30 million years resulting in the breakup of continents and dramatic changes in climate. I loved hearing about his passion for his work and was impressed by his excitement about including his students in all aspects of the research. Richard travels about half of the year to places like Siberia and Morocco. I was struck by his focus. Due to his diligence, he is now a global expert in his area of Earth Science.   

Richard is a prime example of what a person can accomplish when they can identify a clear vision for their future and commit to the actions necessary to realize it. It’s the same kind of enthusiasm The Hunger Project witnesses when empowering local people through our Vision, Commitment and Action workshops. It reinforces our fundamental belief that all people are extraordinary, creative, visionary and hardworking. Richard stands in solidarity with those living in hunger and poverty, believes in their entrepreneurial spirit and ability to improve their own lives.

I am so grateful to have met Richard, and for his 30 year investment in ending hunger. Thank you, Richard, for your ongoing commitment, and for being a part of the early conversations that provided the foundation for The Hunger Project’s success. Investors like you are the reason we are able to support empowered women leaders, the self reliance of communities, and powerful partnerships that are key to ending hunger once and for all.

We are so lucky to have such an interesting and thoughtful person in our family of investors.


April Burrows, Co-Country Director 
The Hunger Project Canada