The Hunger Project Canada's Response to COVID-19

March 18, 2020

Message from The Hunger Project Canada Country Director - April Burrows

I didn’t think I could be more passionate about the work of The Hunger Project and yet, as I reflect on our response to our current challenge and engage collectively with our program countries and partners, I am even more aware of the incredible positive long-lasting impact our work makes. 

Taking a further stand for our work is the best response I know to continue to advance towards a world that works for everyone.  I believe so strongly in our work that I am personally adding an additional $25 a month to my monthly investment. I am inviting other leaders to stand and lead with me in our work.

The Hunger Project Canada has committed $250,000 over the next two years to our programs in Senegal. Senegal like the rest of the world has had its own challenges with Covid-19, being the second Sub-Saharan country to have announced a confirmed case of the virus.  The sooner we reach that goal the more of our communities will be able to secure their goals for water, sanitation, healthcare, local economy and food access, which are all critical indicators of how we measure self-reliance. We believe self-reliance communities are better able to withstand outbreaks such as this.

Please continue to take a stand.  Thank you for your partnership and commitment.

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Our Organization's Response to COVID-19

 The details below represent the stance and behaviour of The Hunger Project's Global entity.  

The Hunger Project is committed to being proactive and responsive in a rapidly changing situation. The Hunger Project established a COVID-19 Task Force in late February and has since put a series of protective measures in place to support the health and safety of our program partners and staff around the world.

  • We have stopped all international and domestic travel within our programs and US operations, including trips of national office staff to rural communities.
  • We have stopped all gatherings of more than 10 people (whether in our offices or in communities) and instituted social distancing measures.
  • We are taking action to support work from home, with many offices already fully doing so.

Our teams across the 13 Program Countries where we work are exploring opportunities to respond in new and creative ways such as leveraging technology for virtual meetings and community support.

We are confident that our community partners — the trained elected women and men leaders and all of our volunteer animators and catalysts worldwide — will lead their communities through this challenging time. We’ve seen it time after time: our communities are resilient and mobilize to lead in times of crisis.

In the coming days and weeks, we will work closely with our investors and funders to navigate the impacts of this pandemic. We thank you for your continued support as we together face this unprecedented challenge that calls on all of us to step forward in our shared humanity. Our leadership is needed more than ever.

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