Why Gender Equality Matters to Ending Hunger + Unleashed Women Program

Why Gender Equality Matters to Ending Hunger + Unleashed Women Program

August 25, 2020

Empowering women is a cornerstone to the community development work of The Hunger Project. 

Why women?

Women bear the primary responsibility for meeting basic needs of their families and communities, and yet are systematically denied the resources, freedom of action, and decision-making power to fulfill that responsibility in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Women reinvest 90% of their resources into their families and communities. When they are supported and empowered, they support their families to be healthier, their children, particularly their daughters, to attend school, agricultural productivity and income both increase (Source). The cycle of malnutrition is brought to a halt. Women are change agents.

What does empowering women look like in practice?

We empower women to:

  • establish equality in local democracy (ex. In India),
  • build movements of women leaders (ex. In Bangladesh),
  • support indigenous female farmers (ex. In Mexico), and
  • create and establish women-owned and women-run, local banks (ex. in Africa). 

We do this work through first shifting mindsets. Women are often disempowered and struggle to identify where to begin even when motivated to change their life.  As a first step to change, we provide self-development and self-actualization exercises to work through.

Join Unleashed Women (5-part workshop series)

The Unleashed Women program follows these same self-development and self-actualization models that The Hunger Project does globally to transform the lives of women and communities, all while showcasing stories from around the world of women living into their power. 

Have you ever asked yourself how can I make an impact? How can I live powerfully and authentically? If so, join the Unleashed Women program beginning September 29, 2020. Learn more and register at the link. 

You’ll join a community of action-takers, co-creators, and community leaders that encourage each other to grow with compassionate listening, true empathy, and love. Together, we will take responsibility for the way we show up in the world and how we live life authentically.