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Job Description

This internship is a wonderful opportunity to understand the landscape of community led development (CLD) in Canada and contribute towards strengthening the #ShiftThePower movement in International Development. 

Community Led Development (CLD) is a multi-sectoral and human-centred strategy for collaboration to achieve locally created and owned vision and goals. It is a developmental approach that focuses on systemic change to foster stable, resilient, prosperous, inclusive, and self-reliant communities. The Movement for Community-led Development is an alliance of 70 INGOs and 100+ local CSOs from across the world committed to empower communities as the successful authors of their own development. The Hunger Project is the Global Secretariat for the Movement.

Given the history of Community-led Development in Canada, The Hunger Project Canada now seeks to establish a national chapter for the Movement in Canada to share the lessons learnt, advocate for widespread policy adoption and connect with the global conversation on the topic. Towards this end, it seeks to do a landscape analysis of CLD in Canada. How does CLD appear in domestic development and international development work carried out by Canadian organizations? How has it impacted the First Nations? Who are the key influencers, major players and advocates in this field in the country? Who should be a part of the initial dialogue for creating a Movement Chapter here? What could this chapter look like and where would it sit? 


In 2015, a group of global non-profit organizations, led by THP, came together to create the Movement for Community Led Development. For the last five years, this group comprising 70 international organizations like PCI, World Vision, Oxfam, Nuru International, Relief International and Roots Change and hundreds of local CSOs has worked tirelessly to ensure that communities take charge of their own development. In addition to its global work, the Movement has national chapters in 12 countries where organizations learn from each other and actively work with local and national governments to support devolution of power. 

Roles and Responsibilities

The intern will:

a) Carry out a desk review to create a preliminary picture of the landscape of CLD in the country. 

b) Create a stakeholder map for CLD in Canada (end of Month 1)

c) Conduct interviews with select practitioners to triangulate the findings from the desk review and flesh out the landscape. 

d) Collect information on any existing networks that seem to be equipped to carry on the CLD conversation and seek practitioner views on the structure of the Chapter. 

e) Produce a joint report based on the secondary and primary research (month 3). 

f) Suggest a structure for the Canadian chapter of the Movement based on the stakeholder mapping, landscape analysis and discussions with THP Canada. 

The interns will not be responsible for more than 10% of clerical support.

The intern will report to Senior Advisor, MCLD at THP Canada, Gunjan Veda. 


Ideal candidates will be bilingual (English and French), comfortable speaking publicly, networking, and have strong research and writing skills. A background in international or domestic development work is desirable (but not necessary).

How to Apply

If interested, please apply with a cover letter and a writing sample to



*This is an unpaid internship, but credits for university may be accrued pending approval from your school's Dean.

*The Hunger Project Canada team currently works remotely from home. Interns may be accepted on a full time (40 hours/week) or part time basis.

Contract length: 3 months - 6 months (Dependent on weekly hours)

Part-time hours: 20-40 per week

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Internship

Pay: $0.00 per hour