Cross-Canada Activators:

Become a Social Media Advocate


One of the many ways to contribute to The Hunger Project’s mission to sustainably end world hunger is to volunteer your time. That’s where the Cross-Canada Activators program comes in. One of our major goals is to spread awareness of the Hunger Project across Canada and to educate people about our successful methodology. By becoming a Cross-Canada Activator, you are committing to helping us do this through social media and word of mouth.


We are on a mission to fund more of our successful programs. Our challenge is raising awareness across Canada of our successful track record and our journey leading The Movement toward community-led development, and we need your help.


We believe in people. We believe that people are inherently and extraordinarily creative, visionary and hard-working. We value their dignity and entrepreneurial spirit.  We stand in solidarity with those living in hunger and poverty, and see them as the principal leaders of their own change. Like you, they can improve their own lives and conditions in their own communities. This is the sustainable pathway to ending hunger once and for all.

Cross Canada Activator

How can you help?


Volunteer one hour of your time per week by becoming a Cross-Canada Activator


  • Explore the THP track record and verify for yourself that we do what we say
  • Join the private Facebook group
  • Like and share the THPC FB and Good news for a Change pages
  • Share posts/Like posts/Repost using THPC hashtags #CanadaActivated, #HopInAction, #TheHungerProjectCanada
  • Start/join a positive conversation in the Cross-Canada Activators group
  • Share/suggest theme-related articles/memes/pictures on the activator group
  • Tag and recruit your friends
  • Consider getting more involved with opportunities to make change happen
  • Give us feedback on how we can improve


Apply to join the Cross-Canada Activators Facebook group here