There are so many ways to give and make a difference. An important part of the work is inspiring people to think critically about the themes and issues that The Hunger Project addresses: women’s empowerment, community-led development, and sustainable agriculture. This is never more evident than in the work of artists and musicians whose art focuses on bringing these issues to the public eye. #HopeInAction is about promoting artists who are committed to this effort in their work and helping them make a difference through supporting the work we do.


The Hunger Project Canada has a #HopeIn Action Bandcamp account where musicians and spoken word artists can donate tracks and have the sale of those tracks go toward THPC. Artists provide us with an MP3 of their work, a 1400x1400 pixels cover picture, a 25-word bio, and a link to their website/social media page. In turn we upload their track to our Bandcamp account where we promote all of the contributing artists through our social media platforms.

 Hope In Action

Our primary interest in this program is cross-promotion. We will be focused on spreading the word about The Hunger Project and educating people about the work we do. However, this message can and must take many forms. #HopeInAction is about the creative and inspirational form. As artists from across Canada donate their work, awareness of The Hunger Project spreads with them.


This program was inspired by the generous donation of “End the Hunger” by Pam Gerrand. Her contribution demonstrated the powerful effect that inspired musicians can have in the THPC mission to sustainably end world hunger. 


Now THPC has a cross-promotional agreement with the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word happening in Guelph in late October of this year. Spoken word artists attending the festival will have the opportunity to contribute to the #HopeInAction program and make a difference by championing THPC when they return to their communities all across Canada. Meanwhile, THPC will be sharing their generous contributions through the Bandcamp account.


As the program grows and more artists contribute tracks to the account, so will the #HopeInAction program with the goal of eventually becoming a “label” under which artists can release THPC-theme-inspired works.


For more information, contact Emily Bouchard, Communications and Community Organizer (community@thehungerproject.ca).

Visit The Hunger Project Canada - #HopeInAction Bandcamp account