Terra Cotta Cookie Co: Cookie DOUGH DROP

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What is a Cookie DOUGH DROPTM?
Pre portioned cookie dough in a variety of flavours, packed in convenient to store boxes. No defrosting or scooping required. Place and bake as many as you would like.

Why choose Terra Cotta Cookie DOUGH DROPSTM?
• Made from scratch with the finest ingredients. All natural, no preservatives, trans-fat free and no artificial colours or flavours in all of our products.
• Peanut and nut free: All of our products are manufactured in a peanut and nut free facility.
• No mess: No need to defrost, scoop and refreeze! Cookie go straight from your freezer to your oven.
• Practical packaging: Our tamper proof boxes are convenient and stack well in any freezer.
• Easy setup: We will help set up your order, provide samples, catalogues, a display kit and an easy to use spreadsheet for tallying orders.
• Profits: Fundraise $5.00 from every item sold for The Hunger Project Canada.

Hungry yet? Email admin@thehungerproject.ca to organize a Cookie DOUGH DROPTM on behalf of The Hunger Project Canada.

For more information about Terra Cotta Cookie Co, reach out to office@terracottacookies.com.