Unleashed Women

Our next Unleashed Women leadership course, that teaches the theory and practical skills needed to be a successful leader, will run in Fall 2020. 

How do we develop leadership skills in our ever-changing, modern world? Join our new 5-week Unleashed Women digital workshop series — exploring lessons and honing the qualities it takes to be a true leader through the inspirational stories of our Unleashed Women all over the world! =

When The Hunger Project trains women leaders, we walk the path with them, ensuring that they are able to translate their vision into concrete results for their communities. For the 1st time ever The Hunger Project Canada is inviting you to walk this path with them too!


Unleashed Women

We want to be a community of extraordinary women living powerfully and authentically. The Hunger Project is a proven gateway for making a difference. Together we have the opportunity to step through and unleash our leadership as a:


  Community of action takers - we move boldly together toward the world we want to see 

  Community of encouragers - empower each other to grow; start with compassionate listening and true empathy and love

  Community of co-creators - drawing forward everyone’s gifts to strengthen our collective vision

  Community of leaders - taking responsibility for the way we show up with each other in the world 


Want to be sure you hear about the registration for Fall 2020? Email community@thehungerproject.ca.