Celebrating Women and Girls

March 26, 2019

Ndereppe Epicenter Graduation

Celebrating Women and Girls


It was a busy international Women’s Day for our partner countries all around the world. The 63rd CSW concluded, wrapping up two weeks of concentrated panels and working groups for the largest gathering on gender equality in the world. The Hunger Project was represented, in part, by Kanika Kaul from THP-India at several events throughout the commission, including as a host of the Women's Community Leadership for Social Protection.


Meanwhile, a new tool for raising funds and awareness was launched in Mexico -- an online campaign on GlobalGiving for Fostering Indigenous Women's Political Participation.


In Ethiopia, our team celebrated the day at two districts of Amhara Region where our Her Choice Project operates with panel discussions and conversations with strategic partner organizations.


In Australia, staff and board members spoke at Global Citizen & HER Sydney/Brisbane events. In Australia and New Zealand, social media activists were asked to answer the question, "How do you celebrate balance?" and their answers were collected here! In Sweden, corporate partner Ur&Penn released a collection of jewelry with gender equality-symbols and 1% of the income from the purchased necklaces and rings went to The Hunger Project. In Switzerland, potential volunteers and investors gathered at The Benefit-Theater in Zurich.


Empowering women is an essential part of ending Hunger and poverty Sustainably. International Women’s Day provided an opportunity to focus on the value that women and girls bring to developing their communities, and to their leadership potential when they are supported in those roles. At The Hunger Project, we remain committed to The Movement for Community-Led Development helping women, children and men discover their voice, and commit to the actions necessary for them to become sustainably self-reliant.