Maria in Peru

February 22, 2017

“Through the years, life shows us different opportunities, and I, as a divorced mother, learned that as women we are very valuable in the things we want to do.

The Hunger project trainings in my community have changed my life, teaching me best farming and livestock-raising practices. The truth is that I feel very happy because it is not only me who is advancing and getting better, it is also my neighbours and the families of other communities.

There are families who used to always buy vegetables in the stores, or some did not consume, but now they are planting with their children and consuming them.

I can see some women who used to not participate in the trainings have more interest in learning, to better feed their children. I know these changes are sometimes difficult, but when we have the will and we dream of doing it, we make it into a reality”

~ Maria Tuesta Pizango in Peru