Irene Sarah's Story

Sarah: From Teacher to Farmer

Sarah is a school teacher in Uganda. Even with a consistent teacher’s salary, Sarah shared “the first priority is always food. Food is always taking the highest budget [to feed my family]".  Sarah wondered “how I could reduce on the cost of food.” That’s when she realized she could widen her mind and change her perspective.

Sarah went to her local Epicenter to attend a training, with her community.

Irene Sarah

The Epicenter is a community of local leaders that gather to support one another to resolve challenges, like food insecurity. The Hunger Project brings together 10,000-15,000 people in a cluster of villages to create an ‘Epicenter’. There are 122 active Epicenters across Africa, 12 of which are located in Uganda (as of October 2020).

This training, provided by staff and local leaders, offered food preservation skills, farming techniques, and best practices for sustainability.

The outcome is Sarah is empowered to take food security into her own hands.

“I have enough food during the time of harvest and even during the time of scarcity.”

Sarah now considers herself to have two professions - a teacher and a farmer. That is food security, quality of life, and sustainable change for Sarah, her family, and her community.

With your help, The Hunger Project is able to offer training and partnership for other families in Uganda and around the world.

A short video message from Country Director, April Burrows:

Your investment empowers people and widens not just their minds, but their opportunities. 

Your investment supports quality of life and sustainable change for real people.

Your investment creates food security.

We appreciate your previous investments in this journey to end hunger.  A one time investment before the end of 2020 OR setting up a monthly investment at this time would increase our impact.  Invest now in food security:

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