Latin America

Latin America

Some of the initiatives and programs making change in Latin America are:

  • Focus on rural and indigenous communities

  • Decentralized, gender-focused empowerment strategy in partnership with local government

  • Work with Chirapaq (Center for Indigenous Peoples' Cultures of Peru), to empower a network of indigenous women's organizations who are promoting access to opportunities, the exercise of women's and indigenous rights and collaboration with local and regional governments.

What’s next? 

Mexico has been working hard to implement the global strategic plan. As part of its approach, Mexico is scaling up partnerships to invest resources, expertise, and work in our integral model for gender focused community-led development. They are also continuing to deepen its impact by working with rural women and addressing climate change. Mexico is also working to mobilize various sectors of the Mexican society to promote and practice a new development paradigm that puts at the center the power of people, mainly rural women, to transform social inequalities.

What has been achieved to date?


In partnership with the communities and local governments, The Hunger Project-Mexico works in the following capacities:

  • Vision, commitment & Action for community development
  • Building partnerships with local government
  • National advocacy


There are four programmatic areas of work which include:

  • An indigenous women’s program working to strengthen and empower networks of indigenous women’s organizations
  • Food security and sovereignty
  • Noqanchiq, meaning “From Ourselves”, which focuses on the reaffirmation of cultural identity of indigenous girls, boys and young people; and
  • Cultural and political advocacy

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