Cheryl Luther


Cheryl is a business consultant with 20 years’ experience as a healthcare entrepreneur and corporate managing director. Cheryl has a BS in Communications, a MS in Health Sciences, and a Doctorate in Chiropractic. She stays physically active and loves spending time outdoors, even during the Canadian winters. 

Her career began in the sport performance industry which then shifted to public health and disease prevention.  She now coaches healthcare entrepreneurs and executives to serve their clients and customers at their highest capacity for the greatest good.  She wants to help this generation build the legacy of their dreams so that they can positively impact those around them today and in the future. 

Cheryl’s mission is to help others find their highest potential and thrive in their space, however modest or grand.  She believes that innately we are predisposed to always be and function at our highest potential, and if we can just remove the root cause of dysfunction, our innate will lead us to a healthy, peaceful and abundant world. 

“This idea of empowering communities to build their own solutions, in their own ways, with their own people by supporting the removal of hurdles in their way seems so incredibly foundational to any sustainable project”.  This was one of the reasons Cheryl was compelled to become involved with the THP.  She believes THP’s programs and methodology for eradicating hunger is the future for our hungry communities and it’s where we will find the highest level of success.