Penelope has had a diverse working background in her 66 years, from working on farms in the summers as a teenager,  to 25 years working in management for a large corporation on the west coast of Canada. Of all her various responsibilities, Event Manager was her true passion. In addition, she participated with various organizations on a volunteer basis.

She has been an investor in The Hunger Project for over 15 years. What has kept her committed to this particular organization is its’ unquestionable commitment to empowering/supporting  people to create their own ideas and initiatives for their community’s sustainability and growth. For her, The Hunger Project comes from a trust in people's ability. For them to identify what is inherently missing in their particular culture or community , what’s needed to correct that, and being in action to have it happen.

“There are times when it’s appropriate to help/rescue people, like throwing them a rope if they’ve fallen off a cliff. However, this approach is too often used when dealing with people and their circumstances. It does not bring about  long term solutions.”