Valerie Rousseau


Valerie has spent the last 20 years as a Marketer and General Manager across multiple Consumer Packaged Goods and Healthcare companies in Canada. She has a proven track record of connecting dots and implementing simple solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.  She is fascinated by innovation, particularly in the food and beverage industries, and the role these can play in helping solve global food issues.

Originally from Quebec, Valerie grew up exposed to zero waste self-reliance living, through her mother’s family where farm life, large families and deep respect for the environment resulted in an embedded appreciation for the preciousness of nature and our ability to thrive with resourcefulness.

Over the last 10 years, Valerie has made it her personal mission to minimize food waste in her home and community by volunteering with Not Far From the Tree, spreading awareness of urban foraging, encouraging neighbourhood food shares and ensuring corporate meeting food waste was donated rather than thrown out .  In the summer, you can often see neighbourhood children picking tomatoes, cucumbers and berries from her laneway gardens. 

For her 2 daughters, Valerie likes to imagine a world where we are all fulfilled with having enough - where we respect the journey our food travels and honor it by using is all purposefully.  She firmly believes that once we accept that happiness comes from how we live rather than what we have, we will see that there is enough on earth for everyone to thrive.  She was drawn to THP’s focus on self-reliance and the importance of women as a solution to world hunger.