The Hunger Project Difference

The Hunger Project is a global, not-for-profit, strategic organization committed to the sustainable end of world hunger. Chronic hunger is not about a lack of food. Chronic hunger is about a lack of access to food, which occurs because we have failed to organize our societies in ways that ensure that every person has the chance to live a healthy and productive life.

In September 2015, world leaders, through the United Nations, adopted the most ambitious agenda in human history: the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Among the 17 goals, which are focused on people, planet and prosperity, is a call for zero hunger by 2030.

The Hunger Project Canada

The Hunger Project Canada has a predominant role to play in realizing this goal for zero hunger by 2030. In order to contribute to this goal. The Hunger Project Canada is partnering with Canadians who are stepping into the leadership required to end hunger by investing their resources in The Hunger Project's proven methodology.

The Hunger Project Canada addresses this issue by mobilizing Canadians to partner with us to support people in living healthy and fulfilling lives of self-reliance and dignity. The Hunger Project-Canada is a national chapter of the global organization.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to unleash leadership and resources through education and partnerships while living life powerfully and authentically.